Renew Your Domain Name

Renewing your domain prevents it from falling into another customer’s hands. With customer console, renewing your domain with Hostvance is simple and fast.

Don’t risk losing your domain names

If you don’t renew your domain, you may end up losing control of a greater part of your business. Hostvance offers renewal reminders but sometimes customers may change their addresses or fail to update their details after initial registration hence the message does not reach them.

Update your contact details

Make sure your details at Hostvance customer console are up to date, especially your email address. An up to date information will enable you get timely reminders of domain renewal so as to prevent your registration from being cancelled.

Don’t let your domain get away

If you intend to use a generic domain name or a term that is not trademarked, you should hurry up and register before some one else uses the same domain name. If at all some other person registers with that name you will have no right or basis of protesting. You can only reverse a domain name registration if you have some degree of control over the trademark on words partly used within the domain name.

Log into the console and simply follow the on screen instructions to renew you domain.

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