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The first step to your online journey is choosing the right domain name. You are just seconds away from getting the perfect digital address that will help you reach Kenyan or international customers online.

We are here to help you every step of the way, including with online marketing, website design, hosting, email and more.

Search the Best Domain Names

Domain Names

Hostvance has been offering domain name registration in Kenya since 2010. The domain name is a vital component of your business that you use for branding your business on the internet. It is the unique identifier that you use to promote your business to prospective and present customers.

Over 100,000 businesses in Kenya have chosen the domain name. Our domain name prices are among the cheapest that you can find in Kenya. Moreover, we offer excellent services comparable to no other are provided.

Unlimited 24×7 support

The support team in Kenya works all day all week to handle domain names registrations. They are qualified and have enough experience to handle all requirements for transferring a domain name.

Domain renewal reminders

Constant reminders are usually sent to customers to inform date of their almost due expiry dates.

Domain name transfer

You should transfer all your domain names to Hostvance for lower costs and for easy management.

No hidden costs

You will only pay for what you see and nothing else; the domain name and domain renewal.

Fully accredited domain registrar

Hostvance is an accredited partner of KENIC, Kenya’s domain registry authority.

Free one month hosting trial

With every domain registration, you will get a free one month hosting trial. You are guaranteed of a fast web hosting service.

Website Design

A coming soon page business profile is waiting for you at Hostvance. We also offer professional website design through our partners.

Special offers from partners

You can be sure of getting a special offer from partners of Hostvance when you purchase one of the company’s products.

Domain Manager

Domain manager adds tools for managing DNS zone and redirection to your domain registration. You can direct your domain name to any other website through a redirect. With redirection, you can present a more professional and executive domain name to your customers. You can also create an email address alias which points your address to any other business address that you like.

It is important to change your domain name, sub domains, DNS zone files, A records and MX records if you are hosting your own server and mail. Domain manager gives you the control and freedom to use your domain name in any way you want.

URL redirection

Point your Hostvance domain name to any other address of your choice

DNS zone manager

Customers who registered for domain names with Hostvance have access to unlimited changes that can be done to a domain name zone file. Changes include those done on A ecords, MX records and sub domains.

Alias email account

If you don’t want to miss any messages that have been misdirected, you can point your email address to another email address.

Unlimited support

Hostvance has dedicated qualified and experienced staff that is based in Kenya and work 24 hours every day. You will be able to get help at any time.

Domain Privacy

Traditionally, when you register for a domain name of .com or .net, you are required to provide personal information. This information is available to the public on WHOIS database as soon as your domain name has been registered. Hostvance’s domain privacy gives you a chance to have all your information kept away from the general public. You should substitute your personal information with information required by domain privacy service.

Both new and existing customers can add the domain privacy service to their domain. Domain privacy is only available in .com and .net domain names and cannot be purchased for Hostvance domain names ( or

Proven protection

Domain privacy services will provide you with confidential domain registration. The service will also protect you from unwanted messages from spam, solicitors and the public as a whole.

Easy management

Your domain privacy service can be managed through your account. You can turn the service on or off for domain transfers or for any other purpose you desire.

Retain full benefits of domain registration

The range of benefits that you will receive when you register for a new domain name include: free trials, domain certification, domain redirection, transfer, renewal reminders among a list of other great benefits.

Unlimited support

Experienced Hostvance staff is always on standby to offer any kind of assistance you will need related to domain privacy services.

Your Online Address

A domain name is more than just your address on the web; it's your online identity. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember.

Uniquely Yours

After registering your domain name, it is yours! No one else can register it as long as you keep renewing it on time.

Business Email Address

Gain confidence with your clients or by emailing them with a professional email address that matches your domain name.

Your Deserve

Peace of Mind

Easy to Manage

Get the familiar cPanel interface you are already used to.

Secure Your Website

In-built tools to protect your website from hackers.

Get Customers

Customized online marketing plan for your website.

24/7 Customer Support

Local customer support eager to help you!






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Host Your Website With Us in Minutes

Get your website hosted on blazing fast servers that can handle major traffic without decreased performance. Our tech team takes out the headache of setting up your website.

Easy to Manage

Get your own cPanel account to easily manage your website, files, and emails.

Marketing Services

Get qualified traffic to your website through our SEO and online marketing services.

Secure & Fast loading

Secure hosting in modern SSD systems. Your website will always be online and secure from unintended intrusions.

24/7 Customer Support

Local customer service support available on both phone and email. We'll always pick your phone call!


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